Learn how to grow weed indoors with LED grow lights. Articles and information to everyone, from beginners to pros about everything cannabis light related. How to choose a grow light, how to set it up, what to look for, and what to look out for. Learn the essentials and buy grow lights with confidence.

Cannabis has been cultivated for many hundred years. Outdoor at first, but in more recent times, indoors. As LED technology develops, it becomes the primary choice for a vast number of growers. With LED lamps the light spectrum can be customized, the light can be projected to the exact grow area, and as LEDs typically run more efficiently than HID (HPS, CMH, MH) bulbs, they produce less heat in total and draw less power. There are many positive aspects to LED grow lights which is why we like to use them for our grows. On this site we’ll dive deeper into the benefits and do our best to explain how you should think when planning your grow space and indoor grow projects with LED grow lights.

Our recommendations for the best indoor LED grow lights

Beginner growers

Intermediate / Experienced growers

Professional growers


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