Which LED Grow Light to Choose for a 2×2’ (60×60 cm) Tent

led grow light chart


Let us explain our thinking behind the suggestions below before we get to the list. I really hope you’ll understand how we compare lights and how you should compare lights as well. As new models are released constantly, it’s good to know how to read light footprint maps or PPFD charts. If these two terms, PPFD and light footprint, are new to you, I suggest you take a look at our two blog posts explaining both terms:

PPFD for grow light

Light footprint map 

Light footprint maps are illustrations with PPFD (light intensity) measurements in various spot over a certain area, e.g. inside a 2×2’ tent. 

The best grow light for a project is decided by comparing these PPFD maps. The higher the average PPFD and the narrower spread from maximum to minimum, the better lamp.

In the premium segment, around $250, our two recommendations for LED grow lights are:

Migro 100

Migro is active on social media and always offers good information and thorough test of various grow lights. Migro uses COBs for the lamps which run very efficiently but require large heatsinks to deal with the emitted heat.

Light footprint map:


migro light led chart

California Lightworks SolarXtreme® 250

With this model we primarily go by word of mouth and reputation. Sadly, the company has not provided any light footprint maps or PPFD charts but general consensus in the growing community is that these lamps perform well.

Light footprint map:

In the mid-segment, around $150-200, our two recommendations are:

HLG 65

Efficient and minimalistic lamp. Consists of few but premium parts. The lamp has no cover and is very exposed to external factors like dust, humidity, liquids, and physical (drop) damage.

Light footprint map:

HLGled light chart

LEDTonic Z5

A bit higher center PPFD measurements than the HLG and two switches for veg and bloom. Durable and protective housing. More bulky and less efficient than the HLG.

Light footprint map:

led grow light chart


Low end segment, around $100, our two LED grow lights recommendations:


One of the Chinese brands that seem to sell on Amazon. The price is low but so is its performance. The light spectrum consists of almost entirely blue and red (BLURPLE) and the PPFD chart provided is not very detailed either. Works in

Light footprint map:

phizon chart led grow light



Another Chinese brand that gets mixed reviews. Beginners seem to be content with the lamp but a peak under the hood doesn’t impress. The lamp has two switches for veg and flowering so there’s some flexibility when it comes to emitted light. The company also provides a decent light footprint map, although only on one distance.

Light footprint map:


led grow light chart viparspectra


Our top recommendations :

For experienced growers who have completed a large number of grows and are good at plant management, nutrients, and everything else related to growing, it would make sense to go with the highest performing lamp. Migro 100 would be our recommendation. It’s an efficient lamp that provides good intensity and large coverage. A bit heavy so make sure to check what it costs to ship to your location.

For both beginner and somewhat experienced growers, we really like the LEDTonic Z5. It puts out a lot of light, has decent light distribution, and it has two switches to control the spectrum and light output. It’s protected by a solid housing and can take a knock or two. 

Resort only to the low-end lights if you really can’t stretch your budget. We can’t wholeheartedly recommend either of these as their performance and spectrum is far from ideal. They will grow plants but your yield will likely be significantly smaller than with a mid-tier lamp.

A lamp’s performance is, of course, important but the company’s knowledge of the product and attentiveness towards potential customers can be just as important.

Check out our blog where we contacted various LED grow light brands and asked them a few basic questions about their products, the results are rather surprising:

LED Grow Light Brand Survey 

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